Our Story 2

Our Mission

Vivid Sunglasses was founded on the principles that designer quality sunglasses and eyewear should be affordable, stylish, fashionable and socially conscious. We believe that everyone can make a difference by giving back. So with every purchases a percentage is donated to a charity that provided meals to those in need. 

We at Vivid Sunglasses have a passion for helping people find the fashion sunglasses they are shopping for at affordable prices. With a pair of our stylish shades, you will look amazing and feel good about yourself as you make a difference in the world. So we look forward to your help with share this passion with the world.

In a short period of time Vivid Sunglasses has built a loyal, passionate fan base, who also love fashion sunglasses, fitness and making a difference.

You may find sunglasses that are cheaper(won't be the same quality), you for sure can find sunglasses that are more expensive, but what you won't find is sunglasses at the same designer quality at the same price as ours. Also our passion for make happy customers is second to none. So thank you for visiting our website, we truly appreciate you shopping with us!