Winter Wardrobe Must Haves For 2018

Now that winter is finally here, it’s the best time to add snuggly accessories to your wardrobe, to keep you warm this winter season. We at Vivid Sunglasses are here to help you with finding the perfect accessories. So here's our list of must haves for the winter of 2018.  

A warm and comfortable scarf is our first must have. Scarves are a great accessory, especially for autumn and winter. They keep you warm doing the cold months and they are an easy change up to your basic look.

A pair of nice leather gloves are stylish, chic and soft, making them the perfect pair of hand warmers you need during the holidays.

Leggings aren't just for summer, they are a perfect go-to bottoms you need that can keep your legs warm during the winter months. They are comfortable to wear and look good under your skirt, dress, and shorts. Plus, there are plenty of designs and prints on the market you can choose from.

It goes without saying our favorite winter accessory is a pair of stylish fashion sunglasses in black or brown. Black or brown sunglasses are the color frames to go with this winter. Plus when it comes to design, you might want to go with butterfly and cat-eye sunnies. They can match your favorite winter coats and boots for a stylish chic look.

We all have that favorite winter sweater we love to wear. Sweaters are cozy and adorable and the best thing about them is they look really neat and fashionable when paired with jeans, boots, sunglasses and a scarf. You can even wear them with a cardigan or a long wool coat.

Another true most have is the classic winter beanie, beanies look cute and adorable, it is a simple yet chic cap that you can wear to match your winter sweater. They can give your wardrobe a urban street look that you can wear many winter to come.

It's the one item we all own and a must have to stay warm during the winter season. It's the winter coat and as mentioned, you can wear a winter coat with dozens of outfits from your wardrobe. A wool coat also happen to be a popular winter coat option, not only because they can keep your warm and toasty but also because they look really fashionable. So there it is our must haves for your winter wardrobe 2018.