Why Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In short, they are eyewear designed to block most blue light that a person encounters from view their phone or computer. Think of them as reverse sunglasses. You wear them inside instead of outside and to block artificial light, but not the sun.

If you look at the research, it turns out that wearing silly glasses can serve a serious purpose!

Artificial light is still a relatively new invention to modern man, and exposure to blue light may be drastically affecting our biology. For most of history, people rose and slept with the sun. Their circadian rhythm was effortlessly controlled by the light of the sun and moon.

Now, we experience light at all times of day and night. Electronics and artificial lighting emit blue light, which only occurs in nature during the brightest part of the day. So when we encounter light that would only occur in nature during the bright afternoon hours at 11:00 PM, our bodies get confused!

Research suggests that blue light after sunset can disrupt circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin production.

Think about it, until the invention of electric light bulbs, people relied on the sun for the majority of their light. After dark, they only used natural sources of light such as candles, campfires, and lanterns (all orange lights). With the dawn of modern electricity, we suddenly had the ability to stay up with lights on for many hours after sunset.

With computers, TVs, tablets, and phones, this use has extended even more, and these new technologies are especially high in blue light. We’re only starting to understand the affects, but we know that artificial light at night impacts cortisol patterns, melatonin, and circadian rhythm. 

This is the reason that recent research has found that just one week without artificial light could help fix many sleep problems.  

Of all the health related changes one can make, the easiest one and most effective to help with blue light, is to purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses! You just put on your blue light blocking glasses when you are viewing your phone, on the computer or watching TV.

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