What Fashion Sunglasses Are Best For A Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart shaped face choosing a pair of fashion sunglasses its important to know that a heart shaped faces typically are wider at the forehead with the broadest temples and gently narrow towards the jawline. Typically, a heart-shaped face has the slimmest chin of all face shapes.

So what sunglasses should you choose that will be perfect for a heart-shaped face, the goal is to shift the attention away from the straight edges of the face and to create a more elongated look. This can be done by wearing aviator, round, cat-eye styled frames and oversized frames which will give the illusion of a more rounded face.

Here are three frames for a heart shaped face. #1 is the Aviator sunnies, they are great for a heart shaped faces because of the different options that are available.  The most distinctive features of aviator sunglasses are their thin wire frames and a double bridge. Dark lenses which are usually two to three times the size of the eye socket are also a key feature that prevents too much light from entering the eyes whilst providing peripheral views. The aviator style was originally developed by Ray-Ban, and now the lenses come in classic, square and teardrop shape. They are also the only style of sunglasses that will suit every face shape.

#2 is the Round frame sunglasses they are another style to considered for a heart face shape. These retro round frames became super popular in the late 90’s and are making a big come back today. They’re smaller and more minimalist than the other suggested sunglasses. Today, round frames with tinted lenses are hugely popular although the style has mostly been adopted by hipsters.

#3 is the Oversized Square Shape Sunglasses - The name says it all, oversized fashion sunglasses not only provide cool look but they go great with a heart face shape because of the angular shape. Shapes such as the BELLA square shape sunglasses for women, provide a great contrast for a heart-shaped face. Not only will the oversized frames make your face slimmer and they will also make it appear much more narrow.

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