Top Three Iconic Fashion Sunglasses For 2019

The year 2018 has now come and gone, we at Vivid Sunglasses feel it's a most that we pay tribute to three fashion sunglasses styles that we’re sure will be seeing on fashion runways and blogs throughout 2019. These fashion sunglasses styles have passed the test of time, and are considered to be timeless and a most have.

So let's begin, here are three fashion sunglasses styles that will never go or be out of style:

The Aviator sunglasses are a style in history that has never left the fashion runways since it's creation, it’s a true American classic. Both loved by men and women, the aviator sunnies were first designed by Bausch & Lomb for pilots as a means to protect their eyes from the sun and its glare while flying in their jet planes.

The aviators caught the eyes of the world when a pair was worn by Douglas McArthur upon landing in the Philippines during the World War 2. Photographers took pictures of him wearing the sunglasses, and soon the aviators were a hit for men in the military. Then years after, it even took a higher turn when Tom Cruise wears a pair of aviators in his film Top Gun. From then, aviators have been an iconic style that fits well in any wardrobe. 

The Cat-Eye sunglasses has been the go-to eyewear of chic and fashionable women since the 50s and 60s. What made it famous was when the ever-lovely Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in her film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” when she played the role of the New York socialite girl Holly Golightly. 

After its skit in the movie, women flocked to malls and sunglasses shops to get the same pair Audrey wore in the film. Cat-eye sunglasses easily became an icon of sophistication, elegance, and fashion in no time. Since then, this sunglasses style have remained to capture the eyes of women due to its feminine yet strong characteristics.

The round fashion sunglasses have became an iconic style during the 70s, and since then became a popular choice among artists, musicians, and celebrities of all ages.

Round sunglasses have been known for their old school look that gives off a vintage and hippie vibe that men and women can’t get enough of. It also has been a favorite sunglasses style by many iconic celebrities and musician around the World. Today, famous celebrities and models have been wearing the round sunglasses style during music and arts festivals.

Which of these iconic fashion sunglasses is your favorite? For more fashion sunglasses designs, you will love visit us at to get the sunnies that give back.