Sunglasses Trends That Will Thrive This Summer

It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how a specific trend emerged, especially once it’s become a worldwide phenomenon. There are situations where the location of the trend beginning can determine a lot about whether it will spread or not. This was showcased in the book The Tipping Point, where Malcolm Gladwell examined how the fact that Hush Puppies became “trendy” again in the 1990s because the shoes were exploding in the East Village.

Of course, pop culture has a lot to do with what’s trendy or not. We have all seen how a celebrity manages to emphasize a certain accessory, and other influencers attempt to mimic that “look” in order to keep up with the times. There are also even situations where world leaders or athletes unknowingly start a trend. For example, the tennis star Bjorn Borg was a huge factor in the rise of the headband, even if many don’t don a headband out and about these days. Either way, sunglasses are certainly in, and here are some sunglasses trends that will be “in”, so you can step out confidently.

The “Shield” Shades

One of the great things about sunglasses is that it gives the wearer a new sense of privacy, as if they can examine the world behind their shades without being judged. That’s often why so many people wear shades when hungover, for example. After all, a hangover can mean increased sensitivity to light, and shield shades are just the answer to your problems.

Many celebrities love wearing shield shades, because they might want to “shield” themselves from over-excited fans or the paparazzi. These days, there are many people out there wearing shield shades. However, it should be noted that shield shades can come off a bit pretentious, so it might not be the best fit for every summer function.

Small And Stylish

One of the great things about sunglasses is that they can often express a lot simply by their shape. There are cool hexagonal glasses that might work for a more upscale function, and cat-eye sunglasses that might be better for a more playful event.

Either way, the trend of keeping sunglasses small is still very much prevalent. This has been popularized by various celebrities such as Bad Bunny, Beyonce, and Rihanna, and it is only strengthening. This is definitely something to remember for the summer.

Round Sunglasses

There was one man that truly put round sunglasses on the map forever, and that man is John Lennon. The late Beatles member and solo icon certainly helped to popularize sunglasses in general throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and the idea that “round sunglasses” are cool to wear still exists today. The trend might not be as strong as it once was decades ago, but it still exists, and still works for 2019.