What Is The Best Type of Fashion Sunglasses For A Round Face

You might have asked this question, what style of fashion sunglasses are best for round faces? So here a quick answer round shaped faces generally have a wider forehead and a broader jawline. Similar to a square shaped face, a round shaped face will have a forehead, cheekbones, and jaw that is about an equal width but softer angles.

It's important when you choose a pair of sunglasses to match a round face shape, the goal is to enhance the shape. This can be done by selecting styles that are elongating which will give the face a slimmer and more sharpened appearance. Oversized rectangle and/or square sunglasses will create great dimension and compliment the face. Aviators and cat-eye sunnies are also a great choice for a round face shape.

Our number one recommended fashion sunglasses shape for a round face is the Aviator. The Shelby aviator from Vivid Sunglasses is an chic oversized sunnies perfect the fall season. 

The next style of sunglasses we would recommend for a round face is a pair of square shaped sunglasses. Something like the Bella square sunnies, the Bella a most add to any fashion sunglasses collection.

Our third choice for the best shape sunglasses for a round face is the classic Cat-Eye sunnies. This style of fashion sunglasses never goes out of style and is perfectly suited for a round shape face. Plus you can find many trendy style of the cat-eye sunglasses making it easy to find a pair you love.

One last tip from Vivid Sunglasses, remember to add definition with angular shape sunglasses. Fashion sunglasses that are larger than your face will compliment your face shape nicely.

Here's to seeing the World vividly in a pair of round fashion sunglasses!