Made in the Shade: How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Approximately 90 percent of the adults in the United States claim to wear sunglasses on a regular basis. For most people, wearing sunglasses is about more than fashion. With a pair of quality sunglasses, a person can drive without squinting into the sun or enjoy a day at the beach without damaging their eyes.

Losing or damaging your favorite pair of sunglasses can be traumatic. Instead of putting yourself through this heartbreak, focus on taking care of your sunglasses.

Read below for information on how to keep your sunglasses in good shape.

Get Your New Sunglasses Adjusted

While most people are aware that eyeglasses can be adjusted to fit their face better, many fail to realize that sunglasses can also be adjusted. Not only can having the nose pieces and arm hinges of the glasses adjusted help with comfort, it can also help you prevent damage to the sunglasses.

If the nose pieces on a set of sunglasses don’t fit right, a person is more likely to push down on them. Often times, this is done in an attempt to widen the nose pieces. In reality, pushing down on the nose pieces can break them. Taking your new sunglasses into a professional for adjustments is the first step in keeping them in pristine shape for a long time to come.

Invest in a Protective Case

In most cases, new sunglasses will come with a case. Usually, this case will be a bit flimsy and will offer little to no protection to the sunglasses. Luckily, you can buy higher-quality replacement cases that are far more protective. When looking for a sunglass case, make sure to get one that features a molded plastic interior.

This hard plastic is extremely resilient, which means they can take a lot of abuse without letting the sunglasses get damaged. While there are a number of cases advertised as universal fit, it is best to get a case specifically designed for your brand of sunglasses. You may have to pay more for this custom fit case, but it is well worth the money.

Avoid Wearing the Sunglasses on the Top of Your Head

One of the worst habits most sunglasses wearers have is putting them on the top of their head. Even though this looks cool, it is horrible for your sunglasses. There are some sunglasses that can get caught in your hair due to how they are designed. Not only will getting the sunglasses caught in your hair be painful, it can also lead to them getting damaged.

Another problem that people face when wearing their sunglasses on top of their head is mistakenly dropping them. If you forget the glasses are on your head and bend over to pick something up, they will come flying off. This can lead to them getting broken, which is why breaking this bad habit is vital.

Looking for Quality Sunglasses?

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