How To Protect Your Eyes During The Winter Season

During the winter season, your eyes are more prone to get dry, itchy, and flaky. This can be an uncomfortable feeling that can distract you from work, play and the holiday season. That’s why it’s important to take certain actions to keep your eyes protected during Winter. You can keep your eyes protected from the cold weather with these simple tips.

Keep Your Eyes Moist - You should as much as possible, use a hot-air or cold-air humidifier in your home or work place. Increasing air moisture not only helps prevent your eyes from getting dry, but it also eases other problems like cracked lips, dry sinuses, and other skin symptoms. Make sure to drink lots of water too.

Have Eye Drops - Eye drops temporarily eases dryness of the eyes. These artificial tears also help in keeping the natural tear layer in our eyes and prevent it from evaporating too quickly. A simple saline solution or tear gel can do the job. You should always keep a bottle in your bag or with you wherever you go this winter season.

Wear Fashion Sunglasses - Wearing a pair of SHELBY fashion sunglasses has many purposes not to mention they can add some style to anyones outfit. Not only will you be stylish. They will protects your eyes from the sun and its harmful UV rays. As they protects your eyes from dirt, dust, and the freezing wind that can irritate and dry your eyes.

A Good Choose Is A Pair Of Polarized Lenses - Sunnies with Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces like snow and the sun’s rays. These special lenses also allow you to see more clearly when doing snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding, as well as driving during the day.

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