Hot Trendy Sunglasses Styles For Winter 2018

Winter is here and it's not just the season to flaunt your stylish winter coats and stylish leather boots, it is also the time to bring out your fashion sunglasses and pair them with your own personal style. So here's to seeing the World vividly in a pair of chic sunnies from Vivid Sunglasses!

If you are not sure what sunnies you should wear, then here are some trending sunglasses style you can add to your wardrobe this fall.

Aviators are a most have, they are and will always be timeless. Whatever the season is, this style consistently manages to come back as a trend. This year, as expected, the style remains a trend with its design being the oversized frame. The oversized aviator like the Shelby features functionality this season as it protects the wearer’s eyes and skin from the harsh cold winter winds. It also looks perfectly elegant when paired with fall fashion styles, like a long coat and boots.

During the cold winter days, people are likely to wear warm colors such as brown, amber, and hazel. The same thing goes for their choice of accessories and sunglasses. During winter, people try to avoid buying colorful and bright lenses and stick with classic colors such as smoke, brown, and black. These colors are easy to pair with one's fall wardrobe.

Young adults and millennials are still going for round fashion sunglasses, like the Chase, this fall season. Maybe it’s because of its preppy or hippie look, but round sunglasses are the perfect accessory for people who prefer to wear something comfortable, making them perfect during the winter. Whether it’s wearing an oversized sweater and faded jeans or sticking to comfortable clothing, round sunglasses can easily make the outfit stand out. This could be the reason why young celebrities are so fond of this sunglasses style.

Butterfly sunnies possess a feminine look that has always been loved by women. Since most of these designs are usually oversized, they make it even more popular during the winter season, when you want to protect their eyes and skin from getting dry from the cold wind.

So there it is a list of stylish fashion sunglasses you can wear doing the cold winter months.