Four Fashion Sunglasses Accessories You Should Own

If you love fashion sunglasses like we do here at Vivid sunglasses or if you just have a couple pairs of sunglasses you like you too should own these four accessories.

Here are four accessories for our sunnies collection and reasons  explanations you should have them:

There is no accessory more important to high-end fashion sunglasses than the sunglasses case. Most of you do not need a brake through moment to figure this out. All it takes is a single scratch or a cracked frame to render a great pair of fashion sunglasses useless. The case represents an inexpensive way to keep those favorite shades safe.

If a hard sunglasses case isn't for you the soft pouch is a great alternative. The advantage of the soft pouch is that it still protects against scratches without being is bulky and unwieldy. Some people just prefer them even though they aren't as sturdy. And guess what? They are not as expensive either.

On a regular basis you are going to need to clean your sunglasses or eyeglasses. A microfiber cleaning cloth is the best tool for doing so. A lot of people don't know this. Many just use their shirt or grab a napkin or tissue. What they also don't know is that those other options are not good for their sunglasses.

Tissue and napkins are both paper products. That means they can contain little chips of wood that are not seen by the naked eye but can easily scratch lenses. If you use your shirt, there could be all sorts of debris embedded in the fabric.   

You need cleaning cloths so that you do not have to resort to paper products or dirty shirts.

Repair kits is another great way to take care of your fashion sunglasses. You might not think about it until you have need for it. Keep in mind how easily a screw can work itself loose or a nose piece fall off. Purchasing a repair kit is a lot less expensive than buying new pair of sunglasses every time a minor issue pops up.

Here's to seeing the World vividly!