Fashion Tips On How To Wear Fashion Sunglasses This Fall 2018

You might think fashion sunglasses or what the young people call them "Sunnies" are accessories only to be worn during summer, well, think again. Sunglasses are the best accessory to complete your fall outfit, and a pair stylish shades can also protect your eyes from allergens and the glare from the low fall and winter sun.

Not sure how to pair your fashion sunglasses with your fall clothes? Well, think no more, we at Vivid Sunglasses have your back, we will give you some ideas. Here are four cool stylish ways you can pair your sunglasses this fall:

1. Laid back and casual: During fall and winter when the temperature grows colder, all you want is to wear something comfortable. That is what laid-back and casual is all about! It’s the perfect style to wear when going out with your family, friends or just out having some fun. It also gives a vintage look. You can try, pair an oversized sweatshirt with your washed-out jeans, a pair of slip-on, and round  or square sunnies.

2. Hippie is now a classic look, a mid-riff lace crop top and a long knitted cardigan, a dark maxi-pants and a black chunky wedge heels. For accessories, you can wear a gold bracelet and an oversized cat-eye fashion sunglasses.

3. Retro inspired, fall is the best season to wear those retro cloths you love in your wardrobe. Try this look on for size, wear a simple white shirt or a printed t-shirt with a pair of denim pants and denim jacket. Finish off the look with some accessories including a black belt, a few stacked rings, and a stylish aviator sunglasses with black or colored lenses.

4. Cozy and chic, it;s truly nice when you can pull off a cozy and chic look while feeling stylish and comfortable with your outfit.That’s something one definitely would want for the fall and winter. So here’s a look you can  wear a black lace strap top under a sweatshirt cardigan with a pair of black jeans and black boots. Complete the look with a black belt with a golden buckle and fashionable oversized sunglasses with some gold  frames and black lenses.