Fall 2019 Sunglasses Trend

Yes, it's cold, but the sun is still shining. Style matters and eye protection is essential. This summer, designers presented new and recurring trends on the runways of Paris, London, Milan, and New York City. Check out our favorites below!

  1. Oversized Sunglasses. Are you feeling like a celebrity? Are you running errands and no time for makeup? Feeling retro? Incognito? Oversized sunglasses are back! They are the perfect way to make a statement and go relatively unnoticed.
  2. Bridge on Top. A top bar or a bridge on the top of the lens is a standout this season. Depending on the size and shape of the glasses, a top bar can give a modern, retro, or other unique effects.
  3. Cat-Eye Frames. Cat-eye sunglasses are becoming a staple. They are flattering and known for pulling up the face in a whimsical
  4. Aviator Sunglasses. When in doubt, grab a pair of aviators. They are a certified fresh, classic that you can pair with almost any outfit. They also work well with all face and head shapes.
  5. Clear Clear shoes. Clear bags. Clear dusters. Clear is in and will be for quite some time. Clear sunglasses are versatile and a great way to channel your inner — or outer bookworm.
  6. Brown Lenses. No matter the shape, size, or embellishments, brown lenses are soft and of course, the perfect color for fall. They are useful for dimming light without providing a complete blackout during already darker months.
  7. Round Lenses. Bring on the nostalgia. Reminiscent of John Lennon and Andy Warhol, round lenses add an effortless touch of 'cool.' Are you bold and daring? Do you love to make a subtle, vintage statement? If so, these are the lenses for you.

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