Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

If you use a computer all day, or find yourself frequently staring at your smartphone, television, or tablet through the evening, you may be harming your eyes more than you realize. The blue light that electronic devices produce can increase eye strain and lead to numerous other severe issues.

However, using blue light glasses can help you in the following ways:

Limit Computer Eye Strain

The blue light that computer monitors, smart phones, and tablets put off can cause quite a bit of eye strain for serious computer users. If you find that you are using electronic devices for multiple hours a day, causing eye strain and tension headaches, it may be wise to consider utilizing blue light blocking glasses. This can help limit the amount of this light frequency you’re exposed to through the work day, so you experience less eye strain overall.

Normalize Circadian Rhythms

Exposing yourself to a large amount of blue light from tech devices through the day may actually disrupt your Circadian rhythms. Removing the blue light with glasses designed to filter it may help normalize your wake and sleep cycles, so that you’re able to wake up more easily and have more energy throughout the day. If you have insomnia, but stay awake reading or playing a game on your phone, you’re likely only making your symptoms worse. Instead, consider using blue light glasses during the day and a blue light filter on any portable devices. This can help you to reduce your insomnia symptoms so that you fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply.

Slow the Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration often sets in with age, but the symptoms can be exacerbated by ongoing exposure to blue light. Adding blue light glasses to your daily routine can help protect your eye from the physical damage that years of full time computer use can cause. If your goal is to continue to work at a computer full time, without doing long term damage to the structure of your eyes or your eyesight, opt for protecting them from blue light as often as you are able to.

If you’re tired of dealing with eye strain, headaches, and insomnia after spending the day on your computer, it may be time to give some thought to the light that you are exposing yourself to on an ongoing basis. Opting for blue light glasses can help limit the symptoms that you’re experiencing, as well as reducing the symptoms that you’ll experience as you age.